Right Hand Rings- Statement Of Independence and Individuality

Right hand rings for women are statement rings. As rings are traditionally worn by women on the left hand to signify that one is married or already engaged, this leaves out women who are not engaged or married. So what do these women do if they want to wear designer rings? This is how the trend for right hand rings started.

Women who had the means bought rings to wear on the right ring finger to signify independence as well as their individuality. They do not have to wait for men to buy rings for them. For some women, it can show off their power and authority.

The right hand rings may be worn on a daily basis just like the designer engagement rings or wedding rings. Thus, the metal used for the ring should be a strong metal with the gemstones on the ring hard and durable gemstones. Strong metals include 18k or 14k white gold or yellow gold and platinum.

Gemstones which are hard and durable are diamonds, sapphires and rubies. These stones are harder than the semi-precious stones like opals, amethysts, garnets and others. If the ring is to be worn daily, the hard stones will be less prone to becoming damaged or scratched. The semi-precious stones are more likely to scratch or chip.

There are more designs available for right hand rings unlike the wedding bands or engagement rings which have designs based more on tradition. For this relatively new type of designer gemstone ring, the designs may be more extravagant with more gemstones used. The gemstones are usually aligned either horizontally across the finger or vertically along it in contrast to engagement rings which have large stones located centrally. 

The widths of the rings are also wider than other types of rings which allow jewelers more room to play with designs. Women who love to express their own style will have many designs to choose with this kind of ring.