Couple Rings - Promises Of Eternal Love

What are couple rings? These are actually a set of designer rings for him and for her to show commitment and promises of love and/or faithfulness among others. Sometimes these are also used as purity rings. Sometimes, these rings depending on the design can become designer wedding rings too. 

These rings may be given as a type of pre-engagement rings to show to the world that the couple is linked together in a relationship. Aside from these statements, they also show how important or significant the couple is to one another.

Couple rings may include the names of the couple engraved on the rings and may come with or without gem stones. Other rings may just include the initials of the couple. There may be heart shaped designs on the rings or intertwined hearts, shapes or names. There are also jewelers who will put the names of the couple on the rings in metal letters as part of the design of the ring. 

Aside from names, significant dates, romantic words or a line from favorite songs may also be incorporated onto the rings. Of course, the meaning of all these things will be significant to the couple only and jewelers will put whatever the couple likes on the rings for them.

Couple rings may be made of metals like platinum, 18k, 14k or 10k yellow gold or white gold, palladium or sterling silver. When gemstones are present, it could be birthstones of the couple with or without diamonds. When the rings are to be used as wedding bands, the design is usually a matching set of designer gemstone rings or a set of rings which when placed together form a heart or a word as the case maybe. The names of the couple and the wedding date are usually engraved on the inner side of the rings.