Shopping For Emerald Rings? Tips And Tricks

Thinking of starting your own emerald rings collection?  Emeralds are the birthstone of people born in the month of May and are said to have healing properties as well as good luck. Emeralds are also seen as a symbol of faith and for some, the color of the stone conveys Nature and allows one to relax.


Like choosing diamonds, choosing your emerald designer rings also depends on the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color and crystal. Fine emeralds should have a high degree of transparency or diaphaneity and pure bright green hue to be considered superior types of emerald.

Another thing to note is that emeralds are graded by the human eye. If there are no inclusions in the gemstone, the emerald is considered as flawless. This is the reason why some emerald rings are more expensive than another one even if they have the same size or cut.

If you are allergic to cedar oil, as some people are, it is important to ask your designer jewellery store if the emeralds have undergone treatment. Most emeralds are treated with cedar oil to improve the clarity of the stone. A treatment report is essential if you are considering purchasing expensive emerald rings.

Ready to purchase your own set of emerald rings? Make sure that the gemstones come from Colombia, as the country is popular for having the finest emeralds especially the ones that comes from the Coscuez Mine. Colombian emeralds are highly regarded because unlike other emeralds that have bluish tints in them, the emeralds are pure emerald green.

Other countries that are also renowned for their fine emeralds include - Brazil, Zimbabwe, Russia and India. Brazil is famous for its emerald cat’s eyes and six-spoked star emeralds which are extremely rare and fetch high value in the international market. 

Yellowish-green emeralds are also popular and come from the Sandawana mine in Zimbabwe. You can choose from a variety of designer gemstone rings stones to complete your emerald rings collection.