Ruby Rings – Spontaneity, Vivacity, Passion For Life


Outstanding brilliance, magnificent color as well as extreme hardness are the qualities which make the ruby gemstone one of the most popular stones in the world. At the same time it is considered by many as one of the most valuable in the world. Many people, especially the people of India can be seen wearing ruby designer rings. Many consider the ruby as the passion gemstone because of its red color which is associated with life.

How to Know if Your Ruby Rings Are Genuine

The ruby comes from many different countries but is usually from Burma, Myanmar and Vietnam. The rubies are beautiful and often possess a “pigeon blood red” color. Myanmar’s rubies on the other hand are heated to change the dark core into the deep red color that rubies are associated with.

To know whether your ruby rings are genuine or natural, you can check the inclusions in the stones. You can ask a seasoned designer jewellery to examine the ruby rings for you to determine if the ruby rungs are real or not. The inclusions are said to be the fingerprints of the rubies so that each ruby has its own stamp of individuality and uniqueness.

Understanding the Value of your Ruby Rings

To determine the value of your ruby rings, you can use the 4C’s much like the way  diamonds are graded. The origin of the rubies is also important as it will determine the quality of the stones. Burmese rubies are the most expensive gemstone because of its vivid “pigeon blood red” coloring. Treatment and enhancement also affects the value of the gemstones. The most common treatment is through heating the gemstones on fire which results to brighter reddish color of the rubies.

Finding the perfect ruby rings can be hard if you are looking for rare ruby stones and might come with steep prices. However, rubies are one of kind designer gemstone rings and finding the perfect one for you or for your loved ones can be a priceless moment. Remember to ask your jeweller to help you check the stones; this would save you from added expenses.