Simply Elegant Gold Rings for Woman

Gold rings for woman make perfectly ideal gifts as engagement ring, designer wedding rings and even anniversary presents or birthday gifts. Gold is a precious metal that has long been valued even during ancient times. Gold is a soft metal and quite malleable so that it is mixed into alloys to become sturdy and more workable. If other metals were not mixed in, the gold would be too soft and would not withstand the rigors of daily wear.

Gold rings for woman usually come in 18k and 14k gold. This just means that gold has been mixed with other metals like to improve the durability of the rings as well as hardness. Yellow gold rings usually have silver and zinc in the alloy. White gold rings on the other hand has nickel, palladium and platinum as well as silver, although there are some concerns about using nickel because of some people being allergic to it. 

Sometimes rhodium is used to plate whit gold rings. Rose gold is another hue that has more copper in it which gives the gold its reddish hue. When choosing gold rings for woman, these are just some of the colors that one can find on the market.

For special gifts, one can choose gold rings for woman with gemstones. There are rings with various types of gemstones mounted on them and these not only add value but also enhance the beauty of the gold rings. Today, many women love to wear rings with gemstones of various colors to match their clothes and personal style. 

Some women have been known to wear designer jewellery with one or two types of gemstones. Of all the gold rings for woman, the most popular and loved are the rings that come with diamonds of all sizes and shapes, whether with one piece of diamond as a solitaire ring or with several pieces in pave settings.