Cocktail Rings for Cocktails

Cocktail rings are oftentimes outrageously large designer diamond rings worn by women to formal parties, social events like movie premieres and other dressy affairs. The trend supposedly started in the 1930’s during the Prohibition years in the United States. At that time, drinking liquor was prohibited and women wore these dramatic rings to show that they are not only drinking illegally, they are also drinking it with a lot of style. The rings became popular throughout to the 1950s. 

The style became popular again when famous stars started showing up at their movie premiers wearing these rings. Today, it is common to see women wearing them at parties.

Cocktail rings are usually worn on the right hand ring finger and the rule for them is that the bigger they are, the better the rings are. During the 1940’s and 1950’s the rings sported huge and expensive designer gemstone rings  like diamonds. Today, because of the difficulty in getting gemstones of larger sizes, the trend is to use faux stones or other types of stones for the large centerpiece. The center stone is usually 3 carats or bigger so the less expensive gemstones like garnets, peridots and amethysts are used. 

Many faux stones are also used and are so well made that they look very real. There are safety reasons for this trend as the large rings attract a lot of attention. With faux stones, the rings are less prone to theft. Designer rings with large genuine gemstones could cost up to millions of dollars and imagine the security that the person using it would need.

Cocktail rings today can be part of any woman’s outfit and can be fun as well as trendy accessories. They can be used to show off aspects of one’s personality as well as boost one’s confidence. They can be glittery to add glamour, fun and funky to add trendy style or just simply cute.