Rose Gold Rings: 18k, 14k Rose And Yellow Gold


Do you know that there is no naturally occurring rose gold? What is commonly known as rose gold is actually gold mixed with copper alloys to achieve the warm reddish color. There is only one color of gold and that is yellow. As gold by itself is soft and malleable, other metals are mixed with it to produce harder and more durable jewellery items including designer rings. With rose gold, the more copper there is in the alloy, the more the color approaches the color of the rose. Another name for rose gold is pink gold.

Rose gold rings come in 18k or 14k gold. Whether the gold is rose gold or yellow gold, the amount of gold in 18k yellow gold is the same as that in 18k rose gold. The only difference is that the rose gold will be more reddish or pinker. 14k rose gold will be more reddish than 18k rose gold as there is more copper in it. The color intensifies with age thus the color is sometimes associated with vintage jewellery. 

Did you know that the trend for rose gold rings started during the time of World War II when men started to wear wedding bands as well? Before the men went to war, they were given designer wedding rings by the wives as reminders that they were waiting for the men. As white metals and platinum were in short supply then, the jewelers of that time used other mixed color gold.

Even today, rose gold rings are quite popular because of the unique color and warm hues. There are even some who prefer to wear rings with tri-colors of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold just to be different. Whatever your choice or preference, rose gold rings can be beautiful designer diamond rings to wear and when we remember the story behind the color, it can be very meaningful and romantic too.