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Designer Earrings

Designer earrings are a staple in any woman’s accessories. It is said that a single pair of exquisite earrings can make up for the lack of other adornments in the body and emphasizes the wearer’s charm and personality.

There are different types of designer earrings available today that one can choose ranging from as simple as stud earrings up to the more glamorous dangling earrings encrusted with gemstones and diamonds. 

Types of Designer Earrings

Hoop Earrings.  Looking to create a funkier look? You can bring out the retro style with hoop earrings. Hoop earrings come in different sizes as well as thicknesses and depending on the occasion that you are using it, you can opt for smaller hoops for a formal event and large hoop earrings for an informal one. 

Stud Diamond Earrings. The simplest, classic and yet versatile designer jewellery, the stud diamond earrings can be used by both sexes. You can choose the diamonds to be set in your stud earrings or even replace the diamonds with other gemstones like amethyst, sapphire, ruby or emerald as the primary stone.  

Drop Earrings. Drop earrings are a woman’s favourite especially if she wants to affect a more feminine look.  Favourites range from chandelier designer earrings to dangling earrings encrusted with small diamond stones, semi-precious gemstones and other materials such as culture designer pearl rings

Designer Earrings Clasp 

It is also important to consider the type of clasps your designer jewelry earrings should have. People who are allergic to nickel or other metallic materials should check the clasp as these more often than not come in contact with your ear lobes.

Screw, push, French, latch and lever clasp back are the types of ear clasps that are customarily seen in jewellery stores for earring backings. Premium gold and platinum finishes are the common metals used by jewellers in crafting their jewellery pieces.

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