Design Jewelry: Antique, Estate And Vintage Jewellery 

Rare, unique and truly exceptional, antique and vintage design jewelry are some of the best jewelry pieces sought after by many jewelry collectors. Antique or Estate jewelries are types of designer jewelries that are previously owned and belong to eras that are known for their exquisite tastes.

Georgian Jewelry

These types of design jewelry are rare because each piece is handmade by the commissioned artisan. Popular during the time are jewelry pieces that include cameos, rivieres and dog collars. Popular stones used include rubies, sapphires, emeralds as well as diamonds. To know if your jewelry is a Georgian, stones set should have enclosed backs and set over a foil. Funeral scenes are famous during the time and carved on the jewelry pieces.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau design jewelry were popular during the WW I era. The jewelleries often depict long haired women transforming into bird or flower forms. The designs have romanticism as its main theme and are cast on enamel which is inexpensive and easier to attain during the time. The Art Noveau design jewelery is popular among collectors and is considered as vintage pieces.

Victorian Design Jewelry

Victorian design jewelry are popular especially lockets and brooches. The pieces feature nature inspired themes and designs in the early part. The theme changes in the mid-Victorian era when the husband of the Queen died, where mourning jewelry became popular. During the late Victorian era, the theme changed again and many jewelers used more materials for their jewelries like designer rings which included using diamonds, peridots and other gemstones.

Edwardian Jewelry

Edwardian design jewelry became popular during the reign of Edward VII of England. The jewelries are noted for the use of Invisible and Millegrain setting. The settings secure the stones with ridges and using the knife edge technique to create different designs. The most popular among Edwardian design jewellery are the designer necklaces. The Sautoir style is made from beads and dropped below the waist with tassels at the end.