Silver Necklace

A silver necklace is a nice thing to have as not only is it affordable; it also goes with most anything. There are fine silver necklace pieces as well as trendy fashion pieces when it comes to designer necklaces made of silver. The choices are so many.  A fairly common design is the silver chain necklace which range from the collar length of 12 inches to the long lariat style chains. These chains can be layered or worn together to create fun and funky looks. 

Aside from chain necklaces, a silver necklace may also be decorated with gemstones, beads, pendants or charms and these types of necklaces come in various lengths as well. With so many lengths of necklaces, when does one use what length of necklace?

The choker length silver necklace is usually worn alone and may come with a pendant. It draws attention to the neck so that it is generally worn with strapless dresses or tops as well as deep neckline clothes.

The princess length sits just below the collar bone and may come with designer pendants or gemstones. This is the most popular length and it can be worn with clothes with necklines above or below the necklace. However, don’t wear this type of necklace with elaborately designed necklines as the necklace might get lost in the design of the outfit.

The Matinee length necklace is the most versatile designer jewellery as it can be used for both business attire and casual wear. This is generally used with very high necklines or very low ones to draw attention to the beauty of the necklace. This length is also ideal for formal wear.

The opera length silver necklace is long enough to be used as double loop necklace and maybe used for dramatic effect. This is usually used with formal blouses or elegant and dressy gowns.

The longer rope and lariat necklaces on the other hand are for more trendy wear and experimentation. These may be worn knotted or looped multiple times and any other way you can think of.