Bridal Jewellery: Beauty, Grace and Glamour 

Perhaps one of the most important days in a woman’s life is her Wedding Day. There’s hardly a woman who has not dreamt of this day all her life when she will step into a new chapter of her life. It is therefore crucial that everything on this special day is perfect including finding the perfect bridal jewellery brands.


Bridal jewellery is not complete without the perfect wedding ring. Do you know that during the Roman period, Romans placed the ring on the fourth left finger for a reason? The Romans believed that the 4th finger of the left hand is interconnected directly to the heart. The finger represents lifelong commitment as well as love for the intended spouse. The ring finger also signifies creativity, love of beautiful things as well as relationships.

In choosing your bridal jewellery, especially your wedding ring, it is important to know your budget, as well as the type of set you want. Celtic wedding bands are popular nowadays because of its uniqueness and also appeal. Many couples also look for designer jewellery shops that personalise or customise jewelleries making the jewelry pieces one of its kind.

Finding the perfect bridal jewelry for your wedding can in fact be easy and would require less of your time. Do you prefer a more Victorian style of bridal jewellery? You can go to jewellery boutiques that sell estate or vintage jewelleries. Estate pieces are previously owned jewellery of known personalities but have been restored to look elegant and fetching when worn again.

On the other hand, you can also choose modern pieces by checking out contemporary designer jewellery. Contemporary jewellery sets are usually jewellery pieces that have modern designs with a touch or influence of the old world/ culture or belief of the designer itself.

Remember to wear only three kinds of jewellery during your wedding day. Bridal jewellery should include a tiara, which is common today, earrings, a ring or a watch. Diamonds are the preferred stones for weddings. However, cultured pearls are also famous as they add elegance and emphasize the beauty of the bride on her wedding day. Check out our Manuel Spinosa jewellery shop.