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Promise Ring – History and Meanings

Never give a promise you can’t keep, so goes the saying. A promise ring is given as a symbol of a special promise and to serve as a reminder of the promise given. The designer rings being a circle without end becomes a symbol of unending faith to the promise. Does the concept of the promise ring sound new to you?

Actually it is not something new as the concept has been around since the early times. Bishops as an example wore rings as symbols of their pledge to the church. A scribbling ring was exchanged in the 17th century between friends as a token of friendship or love between friends.

Promise Rings for girlfriend

Today, a promise ring can mean anything from a pre-engagement ring to a promise to abstain from something. The pre-engagement promise ring is usually worn on the right hand to avoid confusing it with a designer jewellery engagement ring. It can mean a promise of commitment that the couple enters into but they are not quite ready to become engaged yet. Another meaning is the promise of Chastity.

This is also called a purity ring where the child promises the parent that he/she will keep pure sexually until marriage. A third meaning is the promise of monogamy. This is given between partners who are not married but want to promise commitment to each other.

A promise ring could also be a promise of substance abstinence such as a promise to stay away from alcohol by the recipient done for the giver. Other rings are given as promises of friendship as well.

The promise ring may be worn on any finger except the left ring finger. Whatever the reason, the most important thing to remember is to be clear why you are giving or exchanging the promise rings to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings.Check out Manuel Spinosa jewellery catalogue for the designer rings that would suit your preferences.


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